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Eh Team
SOCS CUP Champions

Cannington Coyotes
SOCS Tier 2 Champions

Captain - Paul Aitken
Jamie Collins, Dave Deane, Aline Ladouceur, Steve James, Justin Nolan, Crystal Hagaens, Jake Deviney, Kohle McCulloch, Brandon Brown.

Captain - Clayton McMillian
Kris Stewart, Justin Rye, Gage McMillian, Chris Shier, Jean Moore, Kathy Morgan, Jeff Desjardins, Nayan Shah, Chris Nicholson 

2nd - The Hunks
3rd - KO Kitchillas
4th - Ontario All Stars
5th - Niagara Nightmare
6th - Beasts from the East
7th - Railway City Crew
8th - OG'Shwa

2nd - Simcoe Sliders
3rd - Redneck Sandbaggers
4th - Orillia Royals
5th - Reverly Rampage
6th - Belleville Barracudas
7th - Fire in the Hole
8th - KW Hurricanes

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